Monday, 11 May 2020

A Mana Look and my Birthday Coord

A while ago in April I felt like doing a Mana inspired look with my Boz OP, so I put together this. I was actually disappointed with the makeup and nearly didn't take photos, but I'm glad I did because with a bit of editing it makes a fun little Mana-esque picture, although tbh I could have a blurrier nose... 

Headdress - Bodyline
Wig - Second hand
OP - Atelier Boz
Gloves - Bodyline
Necklace - Vintage
Socks - Metamorphose
Shoes - Antaina


Then yesterday it was my birthday. I've pretty much been unexcited for it since I've been pretty depressed atm and with all the lockdown stuff going on I wouldn't be able to have a [arty or go out like I'd originally been planning to. But I put on a coord and in the evening had a video chat with my friends where we played games which was fun~

I'd been wanting to get a photo like this for a while, as I wanted a picture with some or all of my wardrobe for my neocities site (which I really should get back to building lol). But I didn't get a regular coord photo because tbh there's not really much more to show haha.. and tbh I just couldn't really be bothered lmao.

Headdress - Angelic Pretty
Wig - Maple
Blouse - MAM Maxicimam
Brooch - Emily Temple Cute
Jsk - Cornet
Bloomers - Fanplusfriend
Socks - Innocent World

I got these two lovely MILK pieces for my birthday that I'd asked for, which I was very happy about!
the skirt is going to be interesting to wear as it's a stretchy knit that hugs the hips/waist and flares out just below the hips, and I'm not sure how well it will work with the petticoats I have. But I'm very excited to wear some super casual FRUiTS style coords with it! And I love the jsk as it has a very proto-lolita 90s fruits vibe too~ (although it does have some slight yellow staining due to age).  Apparently there might be a few more items coming a bit late, which I'll share when I get them~

Here are a few video clips I filmed too:


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